There are some rules on who can be the Registrant of a .hu domain. Here you can find the full text of the domain registration and application policy of Hungarian domains in English:

The connecting points state that:

  • 1.1.1 Delegation of domains directly under the .hu public domain may be applied for by
    • a) any citizen of the European Union, of a Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country, or of a neighbouring country of Hungary, or a natural person having an ID card, passport or driving licence issued by one of these countries, or
    • b) any natural person holding a permit for domiciliation in Hungary or
    • c) any legal entity
      • i) established by virtue of law,
      • ii) entered in the records of or registered with an authority or court, or
      • iii) filing its respective application with the competent authority or court and commencing its operations pursuant and according to the law prior to such entry or registration,
        in the territory of the European Union, of a Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country or a neighbouring country of Hungary
    • d) furthermore, the beneficiary of a trademark registered with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office or granted protection rights in Hungary.
  • 1.1.2 Delegation of domains directly under a second level public domain may be applied for by any domestic or foreign natural person or legal entity.

In short, for the question who can register a .hu domain the answer is:

  • EU, EC, EEA, EFTA citizens and legal entities
  • or if outside of the previous group, the holder of a Trademark in EU or Hungary.

This means for example, that a private person or a company based in the US or in Australia cannot register a .hu domain, unless they own a Trademark, which they would like to register.

BUT in the case of or other second level public domains, anyone can register, no matter where they are registered.

In the case of the admin contact, the contact must have a Hungarian post address, and at least, to a certain extent, speak Hungarian.

Moreover, if the admin contact differs from the registrant, it has to be a legal entity. This is why we usually advise that the administrative contact should be our company in case of non-Hungarian Registrants.

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